User Support


Problem: After the installation of Adobe Acrobat 10 or update to this version a PDF sheet created in KIM can not be openened anymore by the Acrobat button.

Solution: This problem can only be solved replacing the "Imposition manager.exe" file by a newer one. Please inform your KIM dealer to receive the updated file as well as any support necessary for exchange.


Problem: After a system crash parts of the printsheet windows are invisible.

Solution: This problem occurs if the windows system crashs while working with KIM. KIM saves the exact window position within the Windows database (Registry). Please follow these instructions to solve the problem:

- Close KIM (if open)
- Start the Registry-Editor: Start menu -> run -> regedit.
- Search for a key calling "WindowStates" in

  Delete the key "WindowStates". By deleting this key KIM will rebuild the key by using
  the default window settings.
- Restart KIM. The problem should now be solved.

Attention: Please be very carefull by editing the registry. Ask your system
               administrator in case of questions.
Problem: After starting a PDF sheet from KIM the following error message appears:
"Could not connect"

Solution: This problem depends of the use of Adobe Acrobat 6. You will only get the error message when Acrobat is not started. Please install the latest KIM-Version where the problem is fixed (

Problem: After the installation of a new Acrobat version KIM PDF is unable to generate previews and reports the following error:
"Unable to register preview dde client or acrobat could not be started."

KIM PDF uses special programmed Plug-Ins within Acrobat for the preview generation. Please install these Plug-Ins again by choosing the new Acrobat directory. You can find the Plug-In installation routine within the KIM directoy in a directory calling "Plugin_Setup".