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Download the KIM 7.5 Demo version

The new version of KIM 7.5is now available in the download section. It took a little longer then communicated beforehand. The reason for this were the manyfold suggestions and wishes of custumers and intererested people which we liked to make part of version 7.5. By all this means the automatic performance of KIM 7.5 is encreased a lot as far as productivity und automation is concerned. Testing the KIM 7.5 version will even convince you.

If there are questions coming up, please contact. We love to assist you..


Krause on drupa 2016

May 31 - June 10, 2016

KIM 7.5 Logo

Enjoy a demo of the new KIM 7.5 version

- See a much more improved - essentially clear structured - job planning tool with many new functions
- Produktion profiles for speedy job performance - even more possibilities of rule-based allocation for process data
- New features of the AutoServer – further options concerning workflow and client linkage
- Sheet optimisation with the "sPrintOne" solution by PerfectPattern


PerfectPattern "sPrint One" calculates fixed form collected print forms in a unique quality and
absulutely fast.

Be anxious on watching it.
We are looking forward on seeing you in hall 8b / booth A01 for an interesting demonstration of KIM


New! KIM Auto - A true Client-/Server Version now

KIM Auto is available as a true client-/server version, now. Due to this concept several KIM clients can independently create jobs and and than use the KIM auto functionality for processing. This offers a cost-effective workplace extension.

Furthermore KIM Auto can now work with JDF files and process them by means of KIM Auto watch folders.


New! KIM Version 7.1 now available

After a longer evaluation and testing period in cooperation with our KIM users and KIM testers the new version KIM 7.1 could be carried out.
The "collected print form" functionality plays a major role now. The newly designed graphic user interface enriched by the "KIM Product Pool" makes designing a desired individual collected printing form easily practicable. There is furthermore an import of XML files possible and thereby a highly efficient cross-functional cooperation with
MIS-Systems possible..
Again we followed consequently the market demands. KIM is and remains a product which is permantly adapted to the fast changing requirements..
As usual there will be a fully functioning 40-days demo version available for test reasons. Do not hesistate and get it under "Downloads".


Krause at drupa 2012 in Düsseldorf:   Hall 8b, Both A22        

New Krause imposition software KIM 7 launched at drupa 2012
Krause introduces version 7 of the successful Krause Imposition Manager (KIM) with PerfectPlan sheet optimization in Düsseldorf.

To provide permanent and continuous development in close cooperation with the users and to adapt the rigorous demands required in the market are the drivers behind Krause’s automated imposition highlight at drupa 2012: The new KIM 7 imposition software.

Krause Imposition Manager 7 - the hub of the digital print production
"The digital sheet assembly gets the core of the process optimization with the Krause Imposition Manager in the automated production of printed products and does far more than just digital imposition," says Stefan Beke-Bramkamp, sales and marketing director at Krause-Biagoschkim 7 GmbH. "Our goal is to achieve lean production through automation and to provide the necessaryfunctionality in KIM to increase the efficiency in print shops up to the finishing process. In addition to the integration of callas pdf
toolbox functionalities that allow a comfortable data handling, we focus with KIM on a consistent auto-mation of the digital imposition. An automated imposition server with a modern user interface provides the ability to manage and control the jobs via the internet browser even of mobile devices. A more optimized automation of the imposition process can be achieved by in-corporating configurable production profiles that allow automated collection forms. This functionality is especially useful and of greatest interest for Web2Print applications and label printing. "

At drupa 2012 Krause introduces the module PerfectPlan, which is the successor of the successful and highly valued optimization software for label production from the "analog step & repeat machine time."

This automatic sheet optimization - even across multiple sheets - is for label printers and in web shops that are integrated into the production process a very interesting and efficient way of automation. With certified JDF connectivity and the use of job tickets KIM can communicate with various management information systems (MIS). In addition KIM can be linked to workflow and Web2Print systems in a bi-directional way, if supported. A transfer of JDF cutting information into thefinishing department is also possible. Through this import and export capabilities via JDF and job tickets, KIM is, from digital printing to high-end sheet fed and web offset printing, a perfect solution for process optimization.
The web offset printing market is now dominated by the large web offset presses which have special requirements to run their jobs efficiently. The Krause Imposition Manager impressively operates in daily use at most of these printers and makes sure their presses run at best performance.

KIM 7 will be demonstrated at drupa 2012 on the Krause stand in hall 8b, booth A22.


Krause at drupa 2012 in Düsseldorf:    Hall 8b, Booth A22        




Krause Imposition Manager 7 – KIM goes WEB
One of the highlights at Krause and for the digital imposition market, is the new KIM 7 imposition software, because KIM goes WEB. In addition to the further integration of callas pdftoolbox functions which unconditionally guarentees an easy data handling. Krause focused on full automation of the digital imposition process with version of KIM 7. An automated imposition server, remote access via Internet browser to manage and control the jobs plus the automation of the imposition by user defined production profiles allow for automatically generated press forms for label printing and Web2Print application. KIM is open approach and the JDF integration to MIS, workflow and Web2Print systems makes it the optimal solution from digital printing to high-end sheetfed and web offest printing.

In particular, the new large web presses have specific requirements that KIM provides in version 7, so that we have approx. 80% of the large web printers as our customers. KIM "PerfectPlan" automates and optimizes the imposition even across multiple printing sheets, so that we can now offer a perfect solution for label production and Web2Print applications. This is for these printers and their further process optimization of vital importance. 

Krause Production Manager workflow with integrated KIM 
The Krause Production Manager workflow provides easy setup of workflows for different printing jobs. With the integrated KIM imposition and page pairing as well as the incorporation of the Xitron (Harlequin based) RIP's s a very convenient output to CTP or CTF image setters is at hand. This entry level workflow can be used for new or existing CTP systems and provides a perfect value for profit.


Krause contented with digi:media fair in Düsseldorf

First digi:media trade fair was notwithstanding the many considerations a graet success.

A manageable range, no hectiness and a new fair concept let the exhebitors as well as the trade professionals feel very comfortable.

Shown at Krause:

  • efficient features of KIM imposition software 6.1
  • a new commercial workflow - Krause Production Manager (KPM)
  • and first time a print sheet optimization for labels and multi layout sheets.
    That now makes KIM also a solution for the field of label printing.

Krause on digi:media trade fair in Düsseldorf
7th- 9th April 2011

Krause comes with new and efficient features of their imposition software KIM 6.1
and a new workflow for commercial printing.

digi:media Logo


New features in KIM Version 6.1 - available since December 2010.
KIM 6.1 has been extended by further functions. For sheetfed printers as well as for web printers production relevant features were implemented.

* Inserting of individual glue-lines
For in-line gluing of products including all relevant corrections of the pages involved.

display sreenshot display screenshot

* Level organisation for internal and PDF printermarks
Printing marks can now be set to different layers to avoid overlapping of marks e.g. textmarks covered by colorbars or textures making them invisible.

dislay screenshot display screenshot

Fixed barcode position in combination with collating mark
Barcodes mainly have to be placed at a certain position between the first and the last page of a signature. Due to this KIM utilizes the free space until the barcode starts, than intermits and proceedes after the end of the barcode

display sreenshot display screenshot

NEW! KIM Version 6.1 available 
KIM is under permanent development.
The graphic user interface as well as several programme functions have been improved.
That is Krause's answer to persistant changes and challenges of prepress work concerning
imposition. Besides new market demands the necessities and wishes of ambitious KIM users
have been considered, too.

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Observe the "Highlights" of the KIM 6.1 version as follows:

*Highlight 01 Imposotion Engine/Adobe Acrobat
*Highlight 02 Job overview
*Highlight 03 Fold sheet and print sheet overview
*Highlight 04 print sheet calculation
*Highlight 05 Pre-settings
*Highlight 06 Bottling and shingling - even diagonal-wise
*Highlight 07 Print sheet displaying
*Highlight 08 Rule-based "Auto"-Marks
*Highlight 09 JDF output
*Highlight 10 Order bag
*Highlight 11 Complete new print colour handling

Details as PDF 2,6 MB


KIM 6 will be presented at the DRUPA 2008

After two years of intensive work in cooperation with our customers we are glad to indroduce a complete new KIM version. The most important point within the new version ist the integration of the JDF-Format in all areas (Im- and Export) and the completely new graphical user interface. We are looking forward to see you at the DRUPA! 

KIM 6 - Version is JDF-Certified

The JDF (Job Defintion Format) Im- and Export of KIM is officially certified by the Graphic Arts Technical Foundation (GATF). This guarantees that the generated JDF-files by KIM 6.0 can be handled in all workflow environments.

KIM developer meeting at Krause-Biagosch

We received a lot of very usefull recommendations from our customers to improve KIM. With our partner Callas software (Berlin), Impressed (Hamburg) and A&F Computersysteme (CH) we discussed the proposals to introduce in further developements. of KIM. Hereby we want to thank our customer for the helpful suggestions, that allows us to improve KIM as an HighEnd imposition solution. We will inform you abaut further developements shortly in our newsletter.

Krause integrates a bottling function within KIM PDF

By integrating this function the PDF pages can be rotated within the imposition scheme. The function will be offered in the next KIM PDF versions. First test are in process .

Krause released KIM JDF

The sucessfull software for digital imposition based on PDF documents (KIM PDF) will now be offered as JDF version. In cooperation with the well known printer Stürtz AG in Würzburg, Germany KIM was integrated in a  Prinergy workflow environment. KIM JDF replaced the existing imposition software solution and is in production since five month